Production Manager Wanted

We are a well established, Northern California based residential and commercial roofing firm searching for the ultimate Production Manager to join our Bay Area team. Are you fearless, highly motivated, determined and detail-oriented to the point of exhaustion? Do you have reams of experience with all types of roofing applications/systems and a super strong background in roofing construction management? If you know what it takes to oversee all phases of a roofing project without breaking a sweat (from initial bid through completion) and your middle name just happens to be "highly motivated" and probably "over qualified," you may be the ONE we have been searching for.

Could It Be You?

Our company is a leader in roofing construction, our mission is to be the best, and the bottom line is we are looking to fill this position with a rock star Production Manager ready for anything - someone who gets a rush out of going above and beyond the call of duty and then some! The ideal candidate for this position (and we know you're out there!) will be passionate about the roofing industry, passionate about the people you work with and for, and passionate about doing the best job you can every day of the week - no matter what challenges you might face. The culture here in our little corner of the world is one based on strong family values, supporting each other and helping every member of our team reach their potential. We also like to have a pretty good time while doing exceptional work!

Founded in 1982, our company is at the top of our game and here to stay. If you're looking to join a firm where you can show off your top management skills and be appreciated for all that you bring to your job every day, READ ON!

The Job

You will be responsible for the overall results and specifications of each project. This includes overseeing all aspects of production and production communication within the company, including supervision of field personnel, production and material scheduling, crew coordination, quality control, job safety standards enforcement/development, team recruitment/training, customer care/communication, project documentation, labor relations management and maintaining the morale and productivity of the entire team.

In Other Words, We Are Looking for the Best of the Best. You've Got to Own It, No Excuses.

What You'll be Doing:
We've given you a little overview above, but here are some of the general duties and responsibilities of this position:

Manage and supervise residential and commercial projects from start-to-finish
Pre-construction planning as well as job/materials ordering and scheduling
Oversee and work closely with the warehouse and purchasing supervisor
Materials delivery coordination and change order estimating
Job folder maintenance
Oversee project superintendents and field technicians
Monitor and maintain/assure job progress and control costs
Ensure safety compliance
Schedule all equipment and vehicles and oversee equipment
Hold weekly department team and safety meetings
Hire, supervise, train and motivate employees
Develop and enforce job safety program and procedures
Maintain the highest level of customer relations on each project
Daily reporting/monitoring as necessary
Implement cost-saving ideas/actions

Have We Got Your Attention? You'll Have Ours If You Meet These Qualifications:

A good amount of previous experience in construction/roofing management and the roofing industry is a non-negotiable "must."
You will be intimately familiar with numerous types of roofing systems/applications and manufacturers
You will have strong leadership skills along with dispute resolution skills
Excellent communication and strong organization skills are like a second skin to you
You will have terrific computer skills with the ability to use spreadsheets and scheduling software programs like a boss
You will know and understand safety regulations and have a very good working knowledge of estimating
You will have top-notch customer relations skills/techniques and use them all day long
You will have some experience with billing/invoicing clients
Your wallet will include a valid CA driver's license and your driving record will be clean
And you can pass a background check as well as a drug test in a single bound

And We Have Bonus Points for the Following:

You are Bilingual in Spanish and English
You have knowledge of construction methods and techniques and you can read a rogue blueprint without blinking
Ready to Rock-N-Roll the Roofing Industry?

If you're qualified and feel you will make a good fit for a company that believes loyal employees should be rewarded, please email a cover letter along with your resume, salary history and all those relevant experience highlights we want to see!

Please note that if the above requested information is not submitted with your resume, you will not be considered for this position and we'll send you a big, fat demerit C.O.D.

Position Type: Full-time

Compensation: $50-$55K, (depending on experience)

Major medical, vacation, company clothing, company events, annual bonuses, 401 K options, sick leave

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.